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About The Stew Pot

The Stew Pot is the oldest restaurant in Snowmass.  Opening in 1972, this favorite of locals and visitors alike has fed thousands in both summer and winter. When asking the owner, Fletcher, what makes it work he is quick to say: “It’s the menu. People love quality comfort food at a reasonable price.” The Stew Pot has an easy menu with classic favorites like Chili and a Hot Pastrami Sandwich. The menu also boasts some contemporary flavor like a Middle Eastern Salad or an Avocado Veggie Sandwich. Their rotating selection of soup and stew specials make repeat visits an easy consideration. According to Fletcher, “…many people come a couple times a week. They just love it.” Steeped in history, The Stew Pot stays true to its roots. They even use the same beef stew recipe from the original opening season.

Walk in and you will be overwhelmed by a warm cozy atmosphere the harkens back to the slower, simpler days of Snowmass. Often you will see Fletcher standing at the entrance greeting patrons. Whether you’re new to The Stew Pot or have been coming with your family for decades, you are always greeted in the same familiar way. Past owner James “Rob” Robinson will often be seen hanging around with Fletcher at the front of house greeting guests during the busiest of days. Rob and Fletcher love to welcome families they have been serving for generations. It’s common to see 3 generations of a family, sitting and enjoying some of The Stew Pot classics, together. A children’s menu, loaded with easy to eat options, makes bringing the whole family together easy. The Stew Pot is a must stop for anyone in Snowmass.

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